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Office expenditure

The expenses of my offices in Brussles and in Budapest are going to be published here regularly. 

You can dowload excels for the expenditures per semester bellow:

GEA 2014


GEA 2015/2

GEA 2016/1

GEA 2016/2

GEA 2017/1

GEA 2017/2

Rules governing the spending:

Guidelines for contracts providing for high levels of remuneration under the parliamentary assistance allowance

List of expenses which may be defrayed for the purpose of parliamentary assistance
General expenses of offices: list

Also useful:

How do MEPs work, how much are they paid, and what are their expenses? Answers to these and other frequently-asked questions about Parliament’s working methods and running costs are set out on the official page of the European Parliament (click here).

Source of the illustration.


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