Democracy in Hungary

Thank you, Madame President!

Originally, I was going to talk about something else; however, fellow representatives Mr. Szájer and Mr. Kósa laid false accusations against Hungarian NGOs; therefore, I must respond. The charges involved in the investigation against Hungarian NGOs change on a weekly basis; neither the prosecutor nor the police, nor even the government knows what they are looking for; they are just desperate to find something. Only one thing is certain in connection with these investigations, my fellow representatives; namely, that the KEHI-investigation against NGOs was unlawful; the KEHI did not have the authority to conduct an investigation in these organizations. The Hungarian government’s violation of the law is the only evidence. And this proves, better than anything, how democracy functions in Hungary and how the Hungarian government operates. And respected colleagues, let me call your attention to one more thing: this debate is not about the Hungarian government or about Hungary exclusively. What is currently happening in Hungary, and what the European institutions do not act upon, can serve as an example for the aspirations of other political forces in other member states, as well. Respected Fidesz representatives, this includes political forces that you might not agree with, either.

Thank you!

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