1428814_72796181The main part of my policy-related work will be in the field of environment policy. Environment policy is an area in which the competence of the European level is among the strongest and the positive effect of harmonized legislation is among the most significant. This field is also closest to my heart and fitting my background.

I will be bound to focus my attention to this area also by my appointment by the Greens/EFA group as first vice-chair of the committee. Beyond the regulatory issues that will appear on the committee’s agenda, I plan to put on a table a number of initiatives of my own, related e.g. to the use of cyanide based technologies in mining (or more broadly the environmental issues of mining waste management), the creation of European GMO-free zones, and the representation of the rights of future generations by a European ombudsman or an institution (similarly to the national institution that was in operation in Hungary until 2012).

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