Everyday Roma Heros- exhibition in the European Parliament #EuRomaWeek

We live in a symbiotic way together with the Roma minority even if many people do not even notice that. With our exhibition about our Everyday Roma Heroes we want to show and to prove this symbiosis. They are in our life as journalists, teachers, are nurses and bakers.

Despite constant isolation and the political discourse we should not forget: Roma people make Europe great too!

Heroes give us examples, motivation, strength for overcoming difficulties. As every person in every nation Roma needs Heroes to follow. They need their national Heroes and they need their heroes for their everyday life.

This portray exhibition concieved by the Roma Press Center Hungary in the European Parliament for Roma Week  introduces exceptional Roma people from all around Europe – everyday heroes whom we all can be proud of.

Click below to visit the exhibition organized by the Roma Press Center with several partners from Europe.

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