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How can today’s Europe better safeguard the needs of the future?


What can we, in Europe, do to facilitate this shift from short-sightedness in policy making towards long-term decision making? What is the way forward and why does it matter?

This event aimed to facilitate a discussion around the above questions and provide an overview of existing practices at UN, EU and MS level. Also, it identifed options for better integrating the rights of future generations, better implementing intergenerational equity and bringing long-term thinking into EU policymaking. Contributions were from high representative of the UN (the UN Assistant Secretary General), the European Commission (the Cabinet of Karmenu Vella, Commissioner for the Environment, Maritime Affairs and Fisheries and Karl Falkenberg from the European Policy Strategy Centre) as well as from academia.

In particular, a new report from the Institute for European Environmental Policy and the World Future Council was also discussed. It offers practical, credible options and recommendations for creating and formalising ‘Guardian for Future Generations’ role at EU level.



For the final agenda click here: FINAL AGENDA

You can read a detailed summary of the event here: Summary – Future generations event 28 Sept 2015

You can download the presentation of Prof. Simon Caney form here:1 Brussels Talk Prof Simon Caney presentation 28 Sept 2015

And that of Ms Catherine Pearce form here: World Future Council presentation 28 Sept 2015

You can watch the two video messages here:

Mr Karmenu Vella: https://vimeo.com/141655692
 Mr János Pásztor:   https://vimeo.com/141655693

Establishing an EU ‘Guardian for Future Generations’– Report and recommendations for the World Future Council, prepared by the IEEP  GFG report 24-9