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Hungary migration referendum – results fail to meet threshold

Commenting on the result of the Hungarian referendum on EU migration quotas, which failed to reach the legal threshold of 50% turnout, Greens/EFA MEP Tamás Meszerics stated:

 “Despite an extremely aggressive propaganda campaign, a majority of the Hungarian electorate did not cast a valid vote. Even in the face of a hate-mongering campaign, the majority resisted, offering some of hope in what is an otherwise deeply regrettable result.”

  Greens/EFA MEP Benedek Jávor added:

 “The real threat to the European Union is not migrants but the irresponsible approach of Member States. It is extremely worrying that some Member States are actively seeking to undermine EU solidarity for internal political games, and the way the Hungarian government has approached today’s referendum is a prime example of this. We won’t solve the current crisis through nasty campaigning or adopting inhumane policies, but by taking a shared and compassionate approach to our responsibilities towards migrants.”