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Paks Hearing

The recording of the event is available. (Click here). Photos are also available here.


Welcome by co-hosts
Rebecca Harms, Benedek Jávor

Energy security, Energy policy implications of a large nuclear investment within the EU, with special regard to energy security
Ada Ámon
, President, Energiaklub (Hungary)
For Ada Ámon’s presentation click here

Stephen Thomas, Professor for Energy Policy, Greenwich University (UK)
Stephen Thomas’s presentation

Political security – Risks of Russian dependence of a member state
Dr. Todor Galev
, senior research fellow Center for the Study of Democracy (Bulgaria)
Dr Todor Galev’s presentation

Nuclear safety – How the abuse of rules and the presence of corruption poses a threat to nuclear safety
István János Tóth
, Corruption Research Centre and the Hungarian Academy of Sciences
Tóth István János’s presentation

The European Commission’s assessment of the situation
Massimo Garribba, Director, DG ENERGY, European Commission

Discussion, Q/A

Closing remarks from the co-hosts.


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